For us, sustainability means respecting people and keeping the environment healthy in whatever we do. We value "responsibility." We attract customers with our fair behavior. In the long run, our products have the least impact on the environment. Our focus is on sustainability, especially the development of sustainable resources without using the entire value chain of products.


We have published our sustainability strategy, which will be extended until 2020, as well as feedback collected from our major shareholders, such as investors, non-governmental organizations and customers.

- Inspiring and committed customers and employees

- Promote responsible practices throughout the production and supply chain

- Resource efficiency and environmental care

- The work environment is inspiring, responsible and enthusiastic


Sustainability management

Sustainable management in Persian Utab is part of everyday management and development. The Sustainability Governorate Group plans sustainability work. In addition, the responsibilities of the command group include the following:

- Performance appraisal versus goals

- Set new goals

- Supervise projects to promote sustainability

The ultimate responsibility for management lies with the president and the CEO, but different business units and functions are individually responsible for their own goals and responsibilities. In 2015, we developed a sustainability strategy aimed at expanding to 2020.