International and various tasks

Persian Utab offers different jobs in different fields. The power and popularity of this company is an asset in the job market, and our goal is to be the most popular and best employer with the best employees.


Resources and product development

Our products emphasize responsibility and confidence in the choice of suppliers and ensure that the price-to-quality ratio of our products remains optimal. Our long-term partnerships also benefit the development of our domestic product.



The sales department outlines our sales concepts. Local teams in different markets are responsible for implementing the concepts as well as working with our distributors. Sales staff at Persian Utab create inspiring customer feedback and ensure that customers come back to us again and again.


Marketing, Public Relations and Communication

The marketing, public relations and communications department of Persian Utab is responsible for introducing, promoting brands and providing a visual image of the company. They also manage media relations. Our marketing and communications experts rate their expertise in sales support inspired by interesting content and events and ensuring that Persian Utab has a sufficient presence in digital media channels.


Human resources

Human resource tasks include hiring, targeted training, specialization development, and job promotion. Human Resources strives to provide the preconditions for the performance and implementation of Persian Utab throughout the company.


Information Technology

The IT department ensures that the systems used by employees support the business operations of Pershin Utab and move with the changing needs of the company.