Persian Utab morale, unique company culture and getting things done

Our success is due to the strong commitment of our staff, and one of our strengths is that we allow everyone to use their skills and creativity at work. Persian Utab guides core values, work and time together. It is a unique company based on creativity and entrepreneurship. Relationships at work are simple, and thanks to our unique organizational hierarchy and compassionate work community, we do things together.


Persian Utab as an employer

Persian Utab employs about 88 professionals in four countries. We are making progress internationally. The number of employees has increased, especially because of the new distribution and distribution centers that have opened around the world and the emphasis we have on sales and marketing. As the company expands its operations, specialization in international trade becomes increasingly important for Persian Utab employees. In the last two years, Persian Utab employees have had more opportunities to work in a multicultural environment and do new work within the company. Changing job positions helps employees gain business insights and develop their skills.