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October 20, 2020
سديم سيترات دي هيدرات

Sodium citrate dihydrate

What is Sodium Citrate Dihydrate? Sodium citrate dihydrate, also known as sour salt, is a crystalline salt obtained by fermenting […]
October 20, 2020
اسید سیتریک آنهیدروس

Anhydrous citric acid

Anhydrous citric acid appears as colorless crystals or white crystalline powder with a completely acidic taste. It is highly soluble […]
October 20, 2020
اسيد فسفريك ٨٥٪؜ پرشين يوتاب چرا بهترين است؟

Why is Persianutab phosphoric acid the best?

Why is Persianutab phosphoric acid the best? Phosphoric acid is a colorless, odorless crystalline liquid. It gives soft drinks a […]
October 15, 2020
اسيد فسفريك خوراكي را بيشتر بشناسيم

Learn more about oral phosphoric acid

To learn more about oral phosphoric acid, we review this article.Phosphoric acid 85 and above is used for oral grade.Phosphoric […]
October 15, 2020
اسید آسکوربیک msds

Ascorbic acid msds

A brief description of msds ascorbic acid is given in this article.Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is known to everyone as […]
October 14, 2020
اسید فسفریکmsds

Phosphoric acid msds

Phosphoric acid msds should be considered.Phosphoric acid is very popular as a food additive.It irritates or corrodes the skin, eyes […]
October 14, 2020
از اسيد سيتريك خشك چه ميدانيد؟

What do you know about dry citric acid?

What do you know about dry citric acid , did you know that it is a versatile acid?Citric acid is […]
October 13, 2020
خرید و قیمت اسید فسفریک

Purchase and price of phosphoric acid

Purchase and price of phosphoric acid in a variety of ways, you can buy it from local stores for convenience. […]
October 13, 2020
اسید اسکوربیک در قرص ویتامین ث (C)

Ascorbic acid in vitamin C tablets

What is ascorbic acid? ASCORBIC ACID (a SKOR bik AS id) is a naturally occurring form of vitamin C. It […]
October 12, 2020
فروش و قیمت اسید فسفریک

Sales and prices of phosphoric acid

What Is Phosphoric Acid? Phosphoric acid is a colorless and odorless inorganic mineral acid. The chemical phosphoric acid formula is H3PO4. […]
October 12, 2020
قیمت اسید فسفریک 85 صنعتی

industrial phosphoric acid 85 prices

What is phosphoric acid? Also known as Orthophosphoric acid, our Phosphoric acid, 85% is a clear, colorless to light yellow, […]
October 11, 2020
اسید اسکوربیک در مصارف غیر غذایی

Ascorbic acid in non-food uses

What is ascorbic acid? Ascorbic acid is a nutrient that the human body needs in small amounts to function and […]